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Role of Civil Society in Making Our Cities A Better Place to Live

Seminar organised on May 5th, 2018, at New Delhi.
Renowned ecologist Dr CR Babu (who has several Bio-Diversity Parks to his credit), Dr. Rajendra Singh (The Waterman of India - who has revived dead rivers in India), and Dr Arvind Kumar, the well known Thoracic Surgeon and expert on Lung Health, were main speakers. The talks brought out new concepts inter-alia in water supply for Urban Areas as well role of Bio-Diversity / Nature Parks etc. in improving Public Health.
Dr. Rajendra Singh shared his views on the Role of Rural Community Driven De-centralized Water Management Systems for Urban Drinking Water Supply. Dr. Babu brought out the significance of Bio-Diversity Parks / Nature Parks etc. in improving Public Health and improving water availability in the urban context. Dr. Arvind Kumar dwelt on practical solutions for mitigating the adverse impact of urban air pollution.