about us

Welcome To Green the Earth

“Green The Earth” is a Not - for - Profit Trust, focused on Environmental issues with a view to prevent Global Warming as well as mitigate the effects of warming of our Planet.
The Trust has been set up by like-minded individuals who have committed their hearts to restoring the environment. The trustees have recently retired either from the Central Services like IAS, IFoS, Public Sector, Banks and other Departments of the Government of India. The Trustees have notable achievements in their long careers.

The Trust is committed to serve the humanity inter-alia, by promoting large scale Afforestation, spreading knowledge about the need to conserve the environment, promoting the concept of sustainable development through use of environment friendly processes and technologies, restoration of degraded ecosystems using advanced scientific processes, promoting organic farming, as well as water conservation - including water recycling, rain water harvesting, etc.

Our Vision

Vision : “To create a Healthy, Vibrant and Sustainable Environment / Eco-System on our Planet Earth to satisfy the needs of all.”

Our Mission

Mission :
• Promote green cover on the Earth.
• Restore degraded ecosystems by using advanced scientific processes.
• Promote sustainable development.
• Promote efficient use of water in urban and rural areas.
• Promote rain - water harvesting.
• Promote use of renewable energy and energy efficient products.
• Promote organic farming.
• To work towards pollution – free environment.

• Promote afforestation & undertake afforestation projects.
• Spread knowledge about the need to conserve the environment and use of environment friendly processes and technologies etc.
• Promote and carry out eco-restoration of degraded ecosystems and waste water treatment, using advanced scientific processes like phyto-remediation & microbial consortia, etc.
• To promote Organic Farming and train farmers etc. in this field.
• Promote use of bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides.
• Promote efficient use of water and undertake projects for water conservation in urban & rural areas, agriculture, as well as promote water recycling, rain water harvesting, etc.
• To promote and execute any other environment - friendly projects, inter-alia including rejuvenation of rivers etc.
• To promote concept of kitchen gardens, hydroponics & aquaponics, and train families & entrepreneurs in small scale farming.
• To promote aesthetics and landscaping of public and private spaces, etc. and execute projects for the same.
• To take up maintenance projects of public / private parks and other areas, including in collaboration with local Associations, etc.
• To promote use of alternate / renewable sources of energy & take up projects for installation of solar energy, wind energy, bio – gas plants, and such environment friendly projects.
• To undertake skill development activities & organise programmes to train students, entrepreneurs, institutions, associations, professionals, and Government bodies etc.
• To hold awareness programs to sensitize the public about Environment Protection, Public Health and other Safety Issues, etc.
• To undertake public advocacy for any cause which helps improve the environment or is for larger public benefit.
• To set up / promote any company to undertake tissue culture or any other projects, as deemed necessary for the larger public good.
• To undertake any other activity related to improvement of the environment.

Constitution of the Trust:
Mr. AK Srivastava, IFS (Retd.)
DK Nangia
Mahendra Goel
DP Khanna
Chief Patron:
Balvinder Kumar, IAS (Retd.)
Registration of Trust:
The Trust is registered with the Govt. of India - Registration no. 1451 dt. 22.09.2017 and 1205 dt. 15.06.2018.