• "The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It"

    -Robert Swan
  • The future will either be green or not at all

    -Bob Brown
  • We won't have a society if we destroy the environment.

    -Margaret Mead

Welcome To Green the Earth

“Green The Earth” is a Not - for - Profit Trust, focused on Environmental issues with a view to prevent Global Warming as well as to mitigate the effects of warming of our Planet.
The Trust has been set up by like-minded individuals who have committed their hearts to restoring the environment. The trustees are primarily botanists, and have recently retired from the Central Services like IAS or Public Sector / Banks etc. Trustees have notable achievements in their long careers. The Trust is committed to serve the humanity inter-alia, by promoting large scale Afforestation, spreading knowledge about the need to conserve the environment, promoting the concept of sustainable development through use of environment friendly processes and technologies, restoration of degraded ecosystems using advanced scientific processes, promoting organic farming, as well as water conservation - including water recycling, rain water harvesting, etc.